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Recent Facebook page questions showed the Scrivener novel outlining and editing software is widely used and an valued tool amongst writers... but using to its full potential can be very complicated.

We searched the internet for help. There’s a lot of options – YouTube videos, blog topics, template downloads, etc. – but we thought writers needed a consolidated and comprehensive course to optimise their time. That lead us to this product.

There’s so much material here we couldn’t evaluate it fully, but it’s well endorsed by famous users and the videos we assessed are helpful and practical; the best professional option we located.

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We've been evaluating this manuscript editing software.

The analysis tools are excellent, highlighting a huge variety of issues in easy to process reports. We don’t think the free version does it justice.

The seamless integrated Word plug-in - available in the Premium edition - is superb, with colour coded highlighting and a report results pane.

They explain all of the reports, making it simple to improve your work.

Well worth your consideration.

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All writers need websites for author pages and book landing sites. There are free ways of creating these, but they will cost you time and the results will be markedly less professional.

We'd already done our research into the best tools to recommend and it won't surprise you that it's the one we use to create the website you're looking at now.

The editor is fabulously simple, without sacrificing features, allowing you to concentrate your time on the important things - writing.

Strongly recommended, but don't just take it from us. Click on the link opposite to see an independent review from one of our members which puts SiteBuilder as the best.
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It is daunting the amount of information and skills you need to master to self-publish.

This course will give you all you need to get started, including clever and invaluable tips on marketing and tools use.

It provides step-by-step instructions through video slide shows and on screen walkthroughs. A solid grounding with everything you need to know.

Now! Writer has had several interactions with Ian Rob Wright - a successful author and the producer of this course - and we can assure you he is the genuine article and always helpful with queries and advice.

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